Virginia & Robert Mehr
Jewett, Ohio
Robin Reed & Ron Luster Jr
Blairstown, New Jersey
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CH. Creekwood Rosebank Sundress and Sandals
Sable & White
CH Countryview\'s Give My Regards Countryview Back to Broadway CH Countryview Trade Secrets CH Countryview Tonights the Night CH Twin City The Great Divide, ROM
CH Countryview Colorful, ROM
Countryview Diamond Jubilee CH Countryview Admission
Aurealis Fantasy Diamond
Countryview Party All Night CH Countryview Tonights The Night CH Twin City\'s The Great Divide, ROM
CH Countryview Colorful, ROM
CH Countryview Rased Review CH Countryview Secret Service
Starr\'s Ruby Sun
Countryview Rased Gratitude CH Countryview Camouflage CH Fantasy\'s Bronze Talisman, ROM CH Vennesse\'s Midnight Edition
CH Fantasy\'s Cover Girl
CH Countryview Colorful, ROM CH Countryview Admission
Starr\'s Blue Topaz
Rased\'s Brilliant Starr CH Countryview Secret Service CH Countryview Masterful
Countryview Matinee
Starr\'s Ruby Sun CH Countryview Monumental
CH Thornacres Touch the Wind, ROM
CH Bandor\'s Lights Out In Memphis
Tri Smooth
Ch. Capella\'s Midnight Blues CH. Vennessee\'s Midnight Express Ch. Fury\'s Spirit of Legends CH. Executives the Equalizer
Ch. Executive\'s-n-Fury\'s Blue and Gold
Vennessee\'s Etched in Blue Ch. Twin Creeks Grand Master
Ch. Westwends Headline in Blue
CH. Lisara\'s Slick Chic CH. Aryggeths Lisara Liason CH. Lynridge Shades of Nigh
CH. Lisara\'s Morning After
Lisara\'s Whisper in the Night Ch. Lisara\'s Knight Knight
Ch. Lisara\'s Crystal of Pinewynd
Bandor\'s Waiting too O\'Slyvan CH. Cadenza Bandor Resn\'ble Doubt Bandor\'s Amberside Tribute CH. Vi-Lee\'s Bandor Ballider
CH. Bandor\'s the Children\'s Story
Ch. Cadenza Trust Me CH. Franchels Talk of the Town C.D.
Briarwood\'s Scandalous
Bandor Vennessee Vamp CH Heather Hill Back to the Future Ch. Hi-Vu the Enchantor
Heather Hills Family Tie
Venessee\'s Above the Clouds Ch. Executives Ride the High Wind
Ch. Vennessee\'s Gentry Dandy Doll
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